Even if you have a C.P.A. or Tax Attorney, you may still need us! You want to reduce the amount you owe? You owe large penalties and interest? You want to be protected from a levy? You get no response from the IRS? You want a lien removed? You don’t know which way to turn? You want to bring your tax problems to an end at the least possible cost? You fear seizure of your home or property? You have a business and owe withholding taxes for past quarters? The IRS is threatening to shut down your business and liquidate your assets? Your business went under and you were charged with all the employee withholding taxes? Do you believe your situation is hopeless? Do you believe that you must pay every cent you owe?


THINK AGAIN! The IRS routinely dismisses charges. It has the legal power to forgive the entire amount owed. Using proven methods, we save people substantial dollars. We look forward to developing a strategy that is best for and acceptable to you!


A Tax Lien can result in garnishment of your wages, levy on your bank accounts, or even seizure of your home, car and other assets. Contrary to popular belief, Texas Homestead Laws do not protect your house, your car, or your wages from IRS Collection Laws. Tax Liens recorded at the Court House could affect your ability to get credit, find a job, rent a place to live or sell real property. Ignoring this situation can only make it worse. Our Tax Professionals can give you immediate relief from the IRS. We can help minimize or even avoid the adverse consequences of any such actions. Many tax assessments qualify for abatement, discharge and/or settlement. However, timing is critical. Once you engage us to represent you, you will no longer have to meet or talk with any representative of the IRS. We handle that for you. Representing Taxpayers before the IRS is our primary business. Our Tax Professionals deal with the IRS on a daily basis and have been doing so for years. As a result, we know the rules and are efficient, as well as, organized in providing these services. This translates into savings because there is no added expense for training of someone for your particular situation.


We analyze the facts of your case and apply our knowledge of IRS Collection Law in order to devise a stratey for minimizing your taxes. Then discuss the alternatives with you before proceeding to implement your plan.


We are Enrolled Agents (EA). An Enrolled Agent is a Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of Treasury to represent Taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS for audits, collections, and appeals.”Enrolled” means EA’s are licensed  to practice by the federal government. “Agent” means EA’s are authorized to appear in the place of the Taxpayer or at the IRS. Only EA’s, attorneys and CPA’s may represent Taxpayers before the IRS.


You should be careful when you make the decision to choose a Tax Professional to help you. Check the BBB and other consumer websites before making your choice. There are many businesses who claim they will help you but are scams We have a blog at our website about this issue and much more. Visit our website today at http://www.rhgeas.com. We’re here to help you so contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon. We have two phone numbers (713) 947-9666 or (866) 402-3804 toll free. If you need help call us today.


Thank you,


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NBC Tax Hotline

This morning at 8:30 am CST, NAEA Panel of Experts Answered Tax Questions on the Today Show.  
NAEA’s segment on this morning’s The Today Show was more successful than ever and have shown interest in making this a yearly feature. Members of the expert panel are members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, Frank Degen, EA, USTCP; Sherrill Gregory, EA, USTCP; Jennifer MacMillan, EA; Sandra Martin, EA; David Mellem, EA; Diana Molina, EA; Jack Wood, EA; Ray LaLuna, EA and David Hatt, EA, president of NAEA.
Early estimates are that the panel of EA’s answered over 500 questions in a two hour period of time and NBC is already talking about next year. The panel answered difficult questions spontanously and NBC was overwhelmed by the number of email questions they received during the piece. Impressed by the Enrolled Agents’ expertise, they asked for the help of  the NAEA’s members to answer the emailed questions.
NBC Today Show hit a home run with this featured segment. If you have not seen the segment, cut and paste the link below in your brower and the piece will run after a few minutes.
Janet N. Greaves, EA
Redd & Greaves, P.C.