KD-This Taxpayer came to our Firm as a Referral for owing the IRS $138,426.86 for tax years 2000-2009. She was very upset that her ex-husband, a professional film maker in CA, and self-employed did not pay in his taxes to the Federal Government during the time they were married. He claimed that he was paying his self-employment taxes in estimated tax payments, while his wife, KD was a W-2 Wage Earner having Federal Taxes withheld on her paycheck. It wasn’t until years later, that she had her taxes prepared and came to our Firm, at which time the IRS had issued Wage Garnishments on her paycheck, that she learned her ex did not pay his share of taxes. When the Wage Garnishment hit, she was divorced, a single wage earner with two young minor children living at home. There was no child support coming in from her ex-husband to help her support her minor children and there was not enough money left over at the end of the money to pay the IRS. She was barely getting by. Our Firm, Redd & Greaves, P.C., analyzed her monthly financial situation and it was determined that KD qualified as Status 53 or “Currently not Collectible”. After carefully reviewing the facts of her case, our Firm advised KD that she qualified for Innocent Spouse Treatment. She provided a history time line and facts that supported us filing a Form 8867, Request for Innocent Souse Relief, for the TP. The Firm just received a letter last week that her Innocent Spouse Relief has just been granted by the IRS for all tax periods. The TP is relieved that now she can finish raising her children without fear of the IRS taking any money she needs to put food on the table for her kids or keep a roof over their heads.  

LKW-These Taxpayer(s) came to our Firm as a Referral for owing the IRS $126,153.87 for tax years 1999-2011. They were confused and overwhelmed over the amount owed as to what they should do. Also, they wanted to make sure that Mr. W could continue to work without fear of wage garnishments every two years. He felt like even though he was good at his trade, it was embarrassing that he had to quit his job every two years and he was tired of running from the IRS. He was ready to deal with the situation and needed a logical answer to what he could do. Redd & Greaves, P.C. gathered all Mr. and Mrs. W’s tax data and reviewed their situation and advised that it would be in their best interest to file bankruptcy. Ms. W was not so comfortable with that advice and asked for a meeting with our Firm to discuss their options and to go over the results of our computer generated profile for their case. She finally went along with the plan but was still leery of bankruptcy. After Mr. and Mrs. W met with us again, Mr. Redd told Mr. and Mrs. W that “life would get better for your after bankruptcy”, they took his advice and sought out a Bankruptcy Attorney referred by our Firm. Mr. and Mrs. W kept us informed through the whole process and a year later reported to us that they were so happy they took our advice and indeed, “life did get better for them”.  They later sent a thank you card and expressed that finding Redd & Greaves, P.C. was a blessing and that they could not have made that decision without our Firm. Our Firm now prepares tax returns for Mr. and Mrs. W and they truly value our services and friendship. They feel our Firm, Redd & Greaves, P.C., has changed their lives and are grateful.